10 Brand names of 4 types of Covid-19 Vaccines: Comparision, Medical Facts

There are 4 different types of vaccines- Whole virion (Live attenuated and killed), Recombinant viral vector, Nucleic acid (mRNA/ DNA) and Protein based. Among them, I have listed 10 different brand names of vaccines which are developed for Covid-19 (Corona virus). Here is a table for quick comparision and corelation among these vaccines developed for … Read more

Variants of SARS-COVID-19:

There are various genetic variants of SARS-CoV-2, being emerging and spreading all-over the world in the COVID-19 pandemic. CDC has classified all variants into 3 categories: S. no. Classification of variants Definition (By CDC) 1. Variants of Concern (VOC)    Variant which are having evidence of an increased transmissibility,responsible for severe disease and increased hospitalizations … Read more

6 Simple steps for sample collection procedure for Covid-19.

SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus is an infectious and hence it is potentially hazardous when it comes to sample collection. There are many things which needs to be carried out with certain manner. Otherwise, it will contaminate your environment and spread the infection. So, in this article proper sample collection of oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal specimens separately been … Read more

Can you take Covaxin? Efficacy, Side Effects and Contraindictions.

The Covaxin vaccine is developed by inactivating Whole-Virion. Inactivated vaccines do not replicate and hence, are consequently unlikely to revert and trigger pathological effects. They contain dead virus, incapable of infecting people but nevertheless able to teach the immune system to mount a defensive response against a disease. Inactivated vaccines have existed for decades. Numerous … Read more

Truenat Test for Covid-19: Principal, Procedure, Reporting, Interpretation

The Truenat Beta Cov/ SARS Cov-2 are Chip-based real-time PCR tests. It is used in the diagnosis of COVID-19. The step-by-step procedure ( with Pictures), interpretation of results (5 variants of reporting), and the advantages and disadvantages are all mentioned below. Keep on reading……. The ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) recommended using the Truenat … Read more

8 Tests for detecting Covid-19 that you might not know.

To diagnose Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection has become very important.  The importance of reliability, the increasing need for screening have grown importance these days. These test There are tests to diagnose the current infection (antigen test) and past infection (antibodies test). In both scenarios, different types of samples need to be taken.  What are different tests to Diagnose Covid-19?  Current infection: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) Open System: … Read more